delayed blogging

Sorry for ignoring you for so long.  I haven't even bored you with my road trip photos.  I've had a few months of not feeling well since my trip (probably from a tick bite).  Finally started getting some energy back at the end of October - luckily, as I didn't have a back up plan for Halloween costumes.  I'm still trying to catch up on all the things that I let slip as I spent those few months doing the bare minimum to keep the household going, though.   

Anyway, Halloween costumes.  From, um, a few weeks back.
My daughter wanted to be a dog.  A Saint Bernard.  Like our ridiculously big 9 month old pup.  Making the barrel was my favourite bit.  I added an opening in case I ever use it on the pup and want him to carry something.
My son wanted to be a roman soldier.  Actually his first choice was Iron Man, but I let him know that there would be little chance of my sewing that, even if I was feeling 100%.

Ok, off to clean the ceiling fans.  I have managed to do a large proportion of my Christmas shopping already, mind - most uncharacteristic.  Maybe I'm not feeling back to my normal self quite yet.